RV Maintenance Service

The best way to protect your RV investment is to complete routine maintenance on time, every time. RV EMT offers RV maintenance services to prevent problems and keep your RV systems running smoothly.

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AC Inspection & 

Coil Cleaning

  • Remove  AC Shroud to Clean Evaporator & Condenser Coils
  • Remove accumulated dirt, bugs, grease & debris 
  • Test capacitors & visually inspect AC for damage
  • Visually Inspect Roof Surface & Sealant

Black & Gray Tank

Hydro-jet Cleaning

  • Powerful Hydro-Jet Cleans Inside Black & Gray Tanks
  • Environmentally-friendly, Chemical-free Process
  • Remove Buildup in Tanks and Lines, Remove Odor, Restore Sensor Function, and Precent Clogs
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  • Visual Check of Roof Material
  • Check for Imperfections in Sealant
  • Check Around Skylights, Vents & Antennas
  • Prevent Leaks by Discovering Small Imperfections Before They Lead To Water Damage

Water Heater


  • Flush Hot Water Tank
  • Check & Replace Anode Rods (if necessary) 
  • Visual Inspection of System Integrity
  • Check for Evidence of Leaks & Weeping P&T Valves



  • Verify Furnace Operation
  • Measure Air Flow at Registers
  • Preform Routine Cleaning
  • Visual Inspection of Duct Work

Winterization &


  • Drain Water Lines
  • Empty Freshwater Tanks at Low-point Drains
  • Add Food-grade Antifreeze
  • Reverse the Process in the Spring

Life Safety


  • Test Propane System for Leaks
  • Check Smoke Alarm Battery & CO / Gas Sensor Function
  • ​Check Fire Extinguisher Date Codes & Verify Emergency Exit Function
  • Easily Combines with Other Maintenance Services

Summer Special

Super Scrub Package

  • Black & Gray Tank Hydro-Jet Cleaning
  • AC Inspection & Coil Cleaning
  • Packaged together for significant savings to help you make the most of summer camping 
  • Total price varies depending on number of tanks & ACs

Mega Inspection


  • AC Inspection with Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Water Heater Inspection & Anode Rod Replacement (if necessary)
  • Rooftop Visual Inspection
  • Life Safety Checks